Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memoirs of the so-called THE PAST

Today, February 25, 2011. A day that most of us, Filipinos, are solemnize by the 25th anniversary of EDSA People Power 1. I know that memories are still vivid to those who participated in this bloodless revolution that ended Marcos regime.

I wasn't born yet when EDSA 1 happened but I know some of the insights of this history through watching some news clips from TV programs and browsing some EDSA 1 articles on the Internet. I saw some pictures of nuns who have the guts to face the huge tank in front of them while holding their rosaries, students who skipped to their classes, poor and riches individuals who flocked to EDSA and collided as one. Emotions were high that time and all they wanted was to ouster an abusive leader. The battle cry was: TAMA NA, SOBRA NA, TAPUSIN NA! Change the system and enough of greediness and corruption in political arena.

While watching those EDSA 1 scenarios and asking my Nanay some questions about it, I even asked to myself if we totally obtained the freedom that we wanted and we fought for so long? Did our political system in the Philippines' change? Remember that we also have EDSA II that ousted President Joseph 'Erap' Estrada who has the same case with President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos was greedy in his presidential power while Erap was lambasted due to jueteng issues. Same old tales with the same results isn't it?

Even some countries used "People Power" as their weapon in fighting their belligerent leaders because they're inspired to us. Our own original version of people power is widely popular but the thing is, did we benefit from it? Try to look and analyse our society today. We still have corruptible leaders, famine all over the metro, starvation in the provinces and a lot of eye sores and pain in the neck issues.

Yes we're living in a democratic country but still we are not free from the old issues that keep on repeating up to this day. We elected leaders that we thought will help us and will change the system for the betterment of the Filipinos. They have the same promises that once they've win, we will rise in this mud of poverty. Oh come on! I already heard that and it really sucks to listen over and over again.

I still want to believe that there's still heaven here in our country and I know it has. I have high hopes in every Filipinos who have the guts to face these life's trials and still keeping their records clean. We must be proud that we are Filipinos and let's keep the EDSA revolution spirit alive and live up to this Sir Ninoy Aquino's quote that Filipinos are definitely worth dying for.

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